Screen printing

Screen printing is the process of using a frame stretched with woven mesh coated with an ink blocking emulsion. Open areas are created in the emulsion by “burning” the emulsion with UV light. A stencil positive is created of the design and used to block areas of the emulsion from receiving the UV light and those unexposed areas are then washed out to expose open mesh in the screen. Ink is forced through these open areas of the screen with a squeegee and deposited onto a garment or other substrate. The print is then cured through a conveyor dryer.

A few samples of previous work

Our Story

Riptide Graphics was created in 1990 while I was in high school. In the beginning, I produced silk screened cedar box lids for canned seafood products. From there, I went on to silk screening t-shirts and other garments. After high school, I took a two year graphic design course at Malaspina College. Once college was complete, I started working at Coast Glass where I was first introduced to sandblasting. I eventually purchased the equipment and continued sandblasting for my own company. From 2002 to early 2005, I worked as an artist for a video game company. I still kept Riptide Graphics operating and have now made it my sole occupation. I take great pride in working with my customers ideas from concept through to reality. It is very rewarding seeing the finished product and having a happy customer in the end. I feel very fortunate being able to create art for a living in one of the greatest areas to live in the world.

Our Mission

We strive to create quality product on schedule and at a fair price.  Whether it is a dozen shirts for your staff or 1000 shirts for an event, our goal is to be on time every time and a happy customer at the end.


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